Calvin’s Story

The true value of design is not how long it takes, but how long it lasts.

I have been producing compelling visual communications for a wide range of industries, from automotive to entertainment.  Throughout my career I have designed and directed for print, video, multimedia, live presentations, exhibitions and displays; taking tasks from concepts to completion, proposals to final product.  Working in all these disciplines has given me a broad range of design experience.  This wealth of experience brings an intimate understanding of how to create art that works across all of the different types of media in which a message communicates.

In my career, from designer to an art and creative director, I have lived by one principle design focus, to clearly and cleanly communicate the desired message; whether that message is in sales, marketing, corporate communications or consumer/investor/public relations.  My design approach is hands on and grounded in what works yet with an eye to out of the box solutions.

I believe in two things. First, that the layout and design of your communication enhances its impact and importance, and second, that I can bring a high level of dynamic graphics to your communications. I’d love the opportunity to work with you and show you the level of impact we can create.

Skill Set: Print Design and Production, Display/Exhibition Design, Environmental Design, Website Design, Video Special Effects, Video Production and Post-Production, Set and Stage Design, Stage and Technical Direction, Still / Motion Photographic Art Direction (Product, Food, and Talent), Scale Model Construction, Multimedia Design,  Multi-Image Production, Optical Graphic Design, Photography, Production Budgeting, Project Management and Client Relations.

Macintosh / Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and QuarkXpress.

Windows / Microsoft Office-Word, PowerPoint, Excel Speadsheets

Hands / Line Drawings, Marker Comps, Illustration, Storyboards